Who are we?

Internal Achievement is based on the idea that human beings love to be challenged but that life itself can often be challenging. Our goal is to provide the tools to help people streamline their lives and organizations so they can focus on what's truly important - internal achievement.  We also provide customized arts/education programming in order to enable youth and community members to maximize their individual and collective potential.


What do we do?

We provide customized support to individuals and education/non-profit organizations in the following areas:


  • educational consulting                                                 
  • social media consulting                                  
  • home/office organization coaching                
  • strategic planning/project management      
  • writing/editing
  • CAMP HABIMA for the PERFORMING ARTS (for girls in grade 6 and older)



"Internal Achievement is an incredible resource for creating events that are polished, professional, entertaining and educational.  Highly recommend."


- Rachel  E.

How do we do it?
We evaluate the needs of individuals and educational/non-profit organizations and create strategies to implement effective change.  We recommend speakers, design classes and events and provide project management in accordance with your budget and individual needs or program objectives.
From something as simple as editing a document to the creation of innovative educational events, no project is too big or small.

Helping people Streamline their lives and organizations


We empower individuals and organizations to optimize their resources and talents to maximize their efficiency and impact.



We design compelling educational experiences for diverse audiences that deliver innovative and engaging content. 


We can create, or help you create, events/programs on a variety of themes and topics.  Internal Achievement offers you customized support to access more of the value of your organization.


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HABIMA Campers


"Last night was OUTSTANDING on every level.  The talent, the creativity, the happiness and joy, the vibrancy, all generated such a high and elevated feeling.  It was so well done!  Keep up your amazing talents in helping girls to be the best people they can possibly be.  AMAZING!"


- Elisheva F.

"The performance was extraordinary.  I was blown away by how professional it was.  I also can't believe I didn't bring tissues, because I was so moved to tears by the music, the lyrics and the whole production.  I could go on and on!" -


- Tzipora H.

The Organize Your Mind, Body and Soul event was truly infused with meaning and purpose.  We learned that time management is so important, but also that by simplifying our lives, we will be happier with ourselves and with those around us.

- Leslie D.

Penina!!! You were amazing! Really- you had the whole room eating every word, every story, every tidbit. The reviews were so strong.  


- Alena B.



Thanks so much, Paula.  Your

classes have helped me change and make my home a little bit more manageable.



- Karen S.

Paula (Penina) Jacobs is one of the most organized and efficient women I know.


- Lori W.

To all of us superwomen out there- you will definitely benefit from Paula’s (Penina’s) classes! She is informative, not to mention entertaining at the same time, and best of all, oh so practical! 


- Miriam S.